Bradbury Group Newton Classic2s stainless steel communal door





Pivot hinge system 

  • 17 different styles of door
  • Glazed and solid side and overhead panels available
  • Visually identical to Classic2 so can be used in the same areas to meet differing levels of risk
  • Secure and easy to repair glazing modules with double and single glazing options
  • Pivot hinge system holds the door in place even after extreme abuse
  • Patented auto aligning system for easy fit
  • High quality stainless steel maglocks (1650lb holding force and MOV surge protection)
  • Integrated draught and weather seals
  • 10 year anti-rust warranty
  • 5 year hardware warranty


Classic2S Communal Door and Panel Specification

Door / Panel Size

Up to 1200mm wide X 2200mm high (larger doors are available but aren't covered by Secured by Design certification)

Door and panel configurations (see diagrams on colour chart)

Glazing / Solid infill

Polycarbonate - 6mm or 10mm
Laminate - 6mm or 10mm
Double glazed unit - 24mm
Solid infill - 10mm or 24mm


Pivot or continuous hinge - Dorma RTS87, LCN 4011 (inward opening) or LCN 4111 (outward opening)

Locking Options

NSD5000 high quality stainless steel maglocks (1650lb holding force and MOV Surge Protection)
2no. Securitron M62 Series maglocks (not Secured by Design approved)
1no. Fulex 'Crime-Beater' multipoint lock, Secured by Design handleset, double europrofile cylinder
1no. sashlock, Secured by Design handleset, double europrofile cylinder
1no. deadlock, security escutcheons, double europrofile cylinder

Ancillary Items

12mm ramped aluminium threshold
1no. stainless steel bolt through pull handle paired with a push plate (cranked or straight options available)
2no. stainless steel bolt through back to back pull handles (cranked or straight options available)
Painted trim - 50mm or 25mm
Additional keys
Door stays

bradbury communal classic2s doorIn response to customer demand, Bradbury is delighted to announce the launch of the Classic2S communal door range. Constructed from stainless steel, the Classic2S gives all the advantages of Bradbury’s Classic2 door with enhanced corrosion protection and durability. This makes the Classic2S particularly suitable for coastal locations and extreme abuse locations.