For full fire certification to be awarded to Bradbury's M2M+FD, M2M1FD, M2M2FD, M2M3FD and M2M4FD ranges, our doors were subjected to a furnace test by Exova Warringtonfire - withstanding temperatures of up to 1100oC for a period in excess of 4 hours. In addition, Bradbury Security's quality management system was was independently audited to ensure consistent quality and standards are maintained.

Exova Warringtonfire is the world's leading independent fire testing and certification organisation, and CERTIFIRE is an internationally recognised mark of fire safety.

CERTIFIRE provides purchasers of fire protection products with an assurance of performance, quality, reliability and traceability. Furthermore, choosing a correctly installed product that carries the CERTIFIRE mark provides specifiers and builiding owners with a powerful demonstration of due diligence.