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The Bradbury Engineering Academy offers unique Engineering Apprenticeships with a dynamic, fast growing and award winning company. Combining invaluable workplace experience with academic study to NVQ Level 3 and beyond, this is an exciting opportunity to begin a successful career in the highly sought after profession of Engineering.

  • 3 year apprenticeships leading to an NVQ Level 3 in Engineering
  • Incremental salary scale (above the national minimum)
  • Exciting opportunities to progress within the Bradbury Group
  • Opportunity to experience a variety of engineering job roles before specialising
  • Entry to the Academy at different levels according to experience/qualifications

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Experience a variety of Engineering job functions within the R&D and Engineering Departments.  Specialise in one of 3 job roles:
  • Design/CAD Engineer
  • CAD Technician
  • Tooling Technician

Complete Apprenticeship and move into full time employment with the Bradbury Group or other employer.


Responsibilities include:

  • Contributing to the development of innovative design solutions
  • Creating production documentation and programs
  • Using CAD software to generate drawings for third party product certification
  • Taking the lead on small design projects
  • Liasing and providing technical support to other departments
  • Developing models using CAD Solidworks


Isabel Mead Bradbury

"My name is Isabel Mead, I am eighteen years old, and I recently joined Bradbury as an apprentice.

Whilst at school, I worked part-time before going on to study A Levels at college. However, I was only there for a short amount of time before realising that this path wasn’t for me. After deciding that I wanted to work in the engineering field, I joined HETA on a mechanical engineering course.

At HETA, I learnt skills in mechanical maintenance, hand-fitting, and pneumatics. My main interest was the design aspects of engineering, and I was lucky enough to be offered an apprenticeship in the R&D department at Bradbury.

During my time at Bradbury so far, I have been given tasks such as modelling exit hardware and creating drawings for the other apprentices. The software can be really challenging at times, however, I am already starting to come to terms with SolidWorks!

Over the next few weeks, I will be visiting every department in the company in order to get an insight into all the different stages of the work place. It will be interesting to see the way each department fills a critical role in one big process.

I enjoy engineering due to the fast-paced environments, the variety of tasks involved, and the many opportunities it presents. After finishing my apprenticeship through HETA, I hope to continue working at Bradbury, and be a part of the ever-expanding company family."



Jason Bagg Bradbury"My name is Jason Bagg, I am nineteen years old, and I have recently started an engineering apprenticeship within the Bradbury Group.

After finishing school, I worked over the summer, and realised that I enjoyed hands on work more than being in a classroom. I decided an apprenticeship would be perfect for me and, as I had an interest in engineering, I applied for a trainee scheme in mechanical engineering at HETA.

Whilst at HETA, I learnt all the basic skills I needed to start a career in engineering. I was then offered an apprenticeship at Bradbury, where I hope to continue developing these skills throughout my time in the R&D department.

Since starting at Bradbury, I have already begun to build up my skills in SolidWorks, which is software that we use almost every day. Everything that gets made is modelled inside SolidWorks, so getting to grips with using it comfortably is essential to my mechanical design role.

I have visited almost every department; learning what each department does, and seeing how the entire company is run. This gave me the opportunity to get an insight into what is involved in making the end products that will reach our customers. During my tour of the factory, I was even taught how to weld in the R&D workshop!

Over the next three years, I will be completing my NVQ Level 3 qualification, whilst working at Bradbury, and being assessed by HETA. After I have finished my apprenticeship, I hope to secure a permanent position in the R&D department at this award-winning company."



Jamie Rimmington"My name is Jamie Rimmington, I am nineteen years old, and I started my engineering apprenticeship with Bradbury over a year ago.

I have always had a part time job in engineering since I was 16 years old. I decided in my second year of studying a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering at North Lindsey College that I would rather be doing an apprenticeship, where I could get on the job training and develop my skills whilst still gaining qualifications.

I finished college a few months after starting my apprenticeship, meaning I work full time at Bradbury whilst I still complete the NVQ part of my apprenticeship.

Whilst I have been in the engineering department at Bradbury, I have developed my Solidworks knowledge, as well as learning new software such as radan tooling for the Trumpf and also metal studio and metal nest for the Salvagnini machine."



Oliver Harrison"My name is Oliver Harrison, and I am seventeen years old. I joined the Bradbury Group in October 2016 as a CNC Tooling Programmer Apprentice. I am currently based in the engineering office and being trained on the Salvagnini Software to tool M2M+ doors. I have always been interested in engineering; I studied it at Winterton Community Academy and then continued my education in engineering at North Lindsey College. Whilst studying at the college, I had the opportunity to join Bradbury, which I immediately took as I thought this would give me a better understanding, being hands on in the engineering environment.

After being told about the software and how it all works, I had the opportunity to go around the factory the process of how the doors are made and what effect I have on others. This helped me understand key tasks I need to know to help me develop my skills in my role at Bradbury. I am now currently working towards a Level 3 NVQ qualification and attend North Lindsey College one day a week to develop more skills in engineering. I hope after completing my NVQ to advance further in the company after my apprenticeship."