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Our Directors

Tim Strawson
Managing Director

We want to be the best steel door maker in Europe, with the ability to make a massive range of genuinely tailor-made doors quickly and right first time.

Outside of Bradbury: I like being outside playing golf, fishing, or tennis, but my real passion is the sea and kite surfing.

Fun Fact: I once had lunch with the former Duchess of Devonshire at Chatsworth House. Due to renovations taking place at the property, we were required to climb through the windows to get into the dining room. I’ll never forget that day!

Favourite Quote: Work hard and play hard.

Peter Noble-Jones

The key to a mutually successful and long lasting professional relationship with your clients is attitude, foresight and openness. With this approach you achieve trust as an advisor as well as a supplier.

Outside of Bradbury: I like doing things, tennis, golf, skiing, croquet, chainsawing, DIY, sailing, hockey, running, climbing, swimming, surfing. No doubt some things better than others!  All preferably with my family.

Fun Fact: Filmed an all-female expedition to the North Pole, where I met my wife Juliette, who was doing the hard bit.

Favourite Quote: Worse troubles at sea.

Bill Morran
Finance & IT Director

Over 25 years’ experience within manufacturing businesses, successfully driving profitable growth and change management. Joined Bradbury Group because of its ‘can do’ attitude and strong desire to drive significant growth by investing in extended new state of the art facilities, people, processes and systems.

Outside of Bradbury: Married my childhood sweetheart and best friend. Have 2 children. Love all sports involving a ball, and have supported Leeds United since the age of 3, despite being born in Hammersmith, London.

Fun Fact: Had football trials with Birmingham and Ipswich, and always wanted to be a professional footballer or PE teacher rather than an Accountant. Ran the London Marathon, a lifelong dream challenge, at the age of 47 in 4.5 hours, and will never ever do another one!

Favourite Quote: Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.

Andrew Edser
Engineering Director

I’ve been an employee of Bradbury Group for 15 years. I started with the company as a contractor. Later, I became a full-time Engineering Manager, and was then promoted to Engineering Director. I’ve seen the company and industry as a whole change so much over the last 15 years. I enjoy the challenge of this, particularly from an engineering point of view. I take pride in developing new solutions and adapting our products to suit an ever-changing and evolving commercial market.

Outside of Bradbury: I help coach and manage a local football team, and am vice chairman of the club. Away from this, I love to spend time with my family.

Fun Fact: I helped my dad to build an aeroplane. That was a pretty awesome experience.

Favourite Quote: Actions speak louder than words.

Paul Sweeting
Technical, Marketing & Export Director

I’ve been lucky to play a part in seeing the growth of Bradbury Group from a small steel door manufacturer to an industry leading, innovative group. The challenge as we stand ready to enter the next chapter of the Group's history is staying ahead of the curve in a world with an ever changing security threat.

Outside of Bradbury: I very much enjoy traveling – seeing new places and being able to tick another country off the list. As the legs have started to slow I’ve swapped the football pitch for the golf course and ski slopes (ok, the bars!). Although I have hung up my boots – I do still put myself through the eternal anti-climax of being a die-hard Tottenham fan!

Fun Fact: After 18 years of playing in an amateur football league each weekend – I received my first red card in my very last game! I would of course say the ref got it wrong, many others would say it was long overdue!

Favourite Quote: He who dares, wins….. (Rodney!)

Patsy Payling
Production Director

Operationally, the landscape in the security infrastructure industry is developing at an alarming rate, which means our approach to the industry must develop also. For me, this is a challenge that I love to be part of. Bradbury Group is leading the way with investment, forward-thinking, and drive to be world leaders of security doors and infrastructure.

Outside of Bradbury: Mountain climbing and exploring the great outdoors.

Fun Fact: I once helped to deliver a baby in the middle of a Tesco store.

Favourite Quote: You’re never too busy to be nice!

Stuart Hubert
Sales and Key Projects Director

I’m very proud of Martin Roberts’ continued growth within the Bradbury Group. Bradbury’s dynamic vision of the future, coupled with their investment into a new 135,000 sq ft production facility in Scunthorpe, is truly exciting.

Outside of Bradbury: Caring for animals is my greatest passion, motorsport is my “me” time.

Fun Fact: In a previous life I cooked for the Queen and Queen Mother.

Favourite Quote: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

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As an official partner to @hhchamber, we were one of a small number of companies given the opportunity to visit and have a tour of Drax Power Station, yesterday. Thank you to @LGEnergyGroup for inviting us, our representatives had a great time. #energy #future #utilties #power