LPCB logoThe Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) offers third-party testing of products, confirming that products meet certain criteria, and providing a certified standard of security.

LPS 1175 evaluates the resistance to unauthorised access offered by various physical security products.

The standard specifies eight grades of Security Rating according to the tools and time likely to be used by a criminal.

SR1 testing replicates an opportunistic attack using physical bodily force and by stealth, using minimal tools. SR2 testing simulates a more determined opportunistic attack using physical bodily force and tools with a higher mechanical advantage. SR3 testing replicates a deliberate forced entry of well-protected premises using physical bodily force and a wide selection of attack options. SR4 testing simulates experienced attempts of forced entry.


 SR1   SR2   SR3   SR4 

 Tool Category

 A  B  C  D
 Tools Included 

 Cable cutter
 Glass cutter

 Bolt cutter
 Claw hammer
 Hand drill
 Drill bit
 Junior hacksaw
 Pipe wrench
 Category A tools

 Gas torch
 Pad saw
 Scissor jack
 Category A + B

 Disc grinder
 Felling / fire axe
 Hole saw
 Plate shears
 Category A, B +
    C tools

 Maximum Test
 1 minute  3 minutes  5 minutes  10 minutes
 Maximum Test
 10 minutes  15 minutes  20 minutes  30 minutes


Bradbury supplies an extensive series of LPCB certified products, including security doors, retractable grilles, cages and bar sets. Our M2M1, M2M2, M2M3, and M2M4 doors are certified to SR1, SR2, SR3, and SR4, respectively. Bradbury CX2 grilles are certified to SR1, and our Extendor Vulcan grilles are certified to SR2. We also manufacture the only grille to achieve SR3 certification, the Extendor Eclipse. Bradbury's Spartan bar sets and Extendor Cages are available with SR2 and SR3 certification.

LPS 1214 is the specification for testing and classifying physical protection devices for personal computers and similar equipment. The standard confirms the security category expectation of a protection device by conducting a series of manual intervention tests. LPS 1214 specifies two grades of security; Security Category 1, and Security Category 2.

SC1 certification is awarded if it is not possible to remove the equipment from its secured position, and the protection device must resist physical attack for a total working time of 3 minutes. SC2 certification is awarded if it is not possible to open the door, deform the door, or penetrate the body to provide an access area, and the requirements of SC1 are met.

The tools used to attack the protection devices during these tests, include a knife, claw-hammer, hand drill, drill bit, junior hacksaw, pipe wrench and screwdrivers.

Bradbury Group offers Ventis Server Safes which are certified to SC2, making them the strongest self-ventilating server safe on the market.