CagesExtendor Cages are constructed from fixed and/or retractable security grilles to form modular cages.

Extendor Cages provide enhanced protection within a restricted or shared area; access can be controlled and monitored and clear lines of sight through the cage facilitates CCTV coverage and patrol guarding. Extendor Cages also permit free airflow, which means no additional climate control or fire detection and suppression are necessary.

Extendor Cages are available in a wide range of sizes - from small safe boxes to entire rooms. Clients come up with new uses all the time, but common applications include security for IT equipment and valuables as well as safeguarding restricted areas within laboratories, warehouses and retail premises.

Extendor Cages are available with third-party accreditation, as follows:

  • Extendor Eclipse Cages - LPCB certified to LPS 1175 SR3
  • Extendor Vulcan Cages - LPCB certified to LPS 1175 SR2
  • Extendor Elite Cages - uncertified

Cert no. 312 13