• Grille mitigates the effects of bomb blasts on glazing treated with anti-shatter film
  • Grilles remain fully functional after the blast and can be used as an emergency exit
  • Grilles prevent looting after glass has been blown out
  • Extendor Eclipse, Vulcan and Elite are the only retractable grilles to be successfully blast tested

1. Grille and glazing treated with anti-shatter film mounted in the test module before the blast


2. After the blast - the grille prevented glass penetration and maintained security


Providing a high level of security for windows and doors, the Vulcan retractable security grille is certified to LPS 1175 SR2 and is a Secured by Design 'Police Preferred Specification.' As such, these grilles are insurance approved and have been successfully bomb blast tested in conjunction with glass backed anti-shatter security film. The Vulcan and Eclipse grilles are the only security grilles certified to protect against bolt cutters.

For buildings requiring high security, Vulcan grilles are sometimes used on the upper floors and Eclispe on the ground floor, since both grilles are visually the same. The Extendor Vulcan is also suitable for situations that do not require CPNI approval.

Certification Strip Vulcan

  • Certified to LPS 1175 Security Rating 2
  • Bolt cutter resistant
  • Approved by police security initiative Secured by Design
  • Insurance approved
  • Bomb blast tested
  • No visible rivets
  • Maintenance free
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee