The Classic2 Communal Entrance Door has recently been cycle tested by Exova, an external third party testing house, to form part of the products 'fit for purpose' assessment. The door set was tested to BS EN 1191:2010 classified EN 12400:2002 Class 5 Normal Duty, to obtain Secured by Design licensing. 

These doors were tested in a durability rig which opened and closed the door 100,000 times in order to determine the durability of the door. This cycle of testing is equivalent to almost 30 years use, based on a door which has been opened 10 times per day and even after this rigorous testing cycle, the door was still in fantastic condition. The Classic2 doors have been designed to combine appearance, value and durability, with lasting performance against heavy use.

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Bradbury’s M2MSteel Door Range offers the widest choice of doors and hardware, LPCB certified to LPS 1175 Security Rating 3. 

Suitable for any high security door requirements, the M2M3 offers a choice of personnel, fire exit, utility and access control doors. Utility doors are particularly popular as replacement doors for substations.

Other sectors include the Emergency Services, Retail, Pharmaceutical and IT with new and existing customers choosing to upgrade to this higher level of security. 

With nearly every doorway differing not only in size but in functionality, it is important to have the full range of options, be it for uncertified or certified doors. For a door to be certified, all door and hardware combinations must have been LPCB tested. In order to gain an LPS 1173 Security Rating 3, a door must withstand deliberate forced entry using bodily force and a wide selection of attack tools including a gas torch, drill and bolt cutters.