The Classic2 Communal Entrance Door has recently been cycle tested by Exova, an external third party testing house, to form part of the products 'fit for purpose' assessment. The door set was tested to BS EN 1191:2010 classified EN 12400:2002 Class 5 Normal Duty, to obtain Secured by Design licensing. 

These doors were tested in a durability rig which opened and closed the door 100,000 times in order to determine the durability of the door. This cycle of testing is equivalent to almost 30 years use, based on a door which has been opened 10 times per day and even after this rigorous testing cycle, the door was still in fantastic condition. The Classic2 doors have been designed to combine appearance, value and durability, with lasting performance against heavy use.

See the Classic2 being tested here!

The Classic2 is a new generation communal entrance door, precision engineered and manufactured to produce a door that combines strength, appearance and exceptional value. Tested and approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to PAS 24:2012, Classic2 also has comprehensive Secured by Design certification.