Tim Strawson Bradbury MD and Mags Panter

Margaret Panter is retiring from Bradbury after 18 years. She started in R&D doing odd jobs until CX2 grilles started being produced. Mags then joined grilles as a general factory operative and progressed to a team leader. At 60, she semi-retired; doing shorter shifts and the banks for grilles.


For her 60th birthday, the grilles team gathered in the canteen and surprised Mags with a cake and presents; this is one of her fondest memories of working at Bradbury. She also loved the work Christmas parties, and the amusing pictures taken at them!

Farewell Mags Panter

Following her retirement, she plans to spend more time with her family, including her grandchildren. Mags has horses and runs a club which she plans to devote more of her time to, and focus on field maintenance.

Mags has made some good friends during her 18 years at Bradbury, and will miss the company and everybody she’s worked with. As a thank you for all her hard work and devotion to the company, the grilles team surprised her with some gifts. Mags received a card, flowers, a personalised poster, and lots of chocolates. Tim Strawson, MD, also presented her with a break to Lake Windemere at a luxury hotel with a 4 course meal each evening.

Farewell Mags Panter 2

We wish you all the best in your retirement, Mags!