Bradbury grille break in

Yet another break-in attempt has been foiled by Bradbury! This time our CX2 grilles stopped a burglar one week after installation, proving that it's always wiser to take a proactive approach in protecting your property. As windows are the main point of entry for opportunistic burglars, security grilles are a great visual and physical deterrent to keep you and your critical assets secure.



Our CX2 steel grilles are certified to LPS 1175 Level 1 and offer excellent value for money, but if you require a heavier duty grille we can help - we are the only manufacturer in Europe who can produce retractable grilles certified to LPS 1175 Level 3 (as specified by the Ministry of Defence and the Commonwealth Office).

If you'd like a free quotation or advice on how Bradbury could help to secure your property, please call 01724 271999 or email