Physical Security Checklist

Did you know that police-reported crime recorded around 5.2 million offences in the last year?

As the size of year-on-year figures has shown to be increasing with an almost 11% increase in theft alone, it is essential that your business is kept safe and secure. From burglary and vandalism to shoplifting and petty theft, there are endless amounts of ways that criminals may target attractive business premises.

Keeping your business safe and secure doesn’t have to be a challenge. By taking a few simple steps to understand how to improve your physical security, and implement effective security measures for your business, you will dramatically reduce the likelihood of being targeted by thieves. The first step is to assess the current security of your business.

We have designed a physical security checklist, to highlight vulnerable areas of the premises that may be overlooked on a day-to-day basis. Use this checklist as a basic foundation to help maximise the security levels of your business and its assets. Regularly revisiting this document can help to keep an ongoing account of your personal business requirements, and any changes that may occur.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer of steel doors and security grilles, the Bradbury Group is able to produce high-quality and cost-effective products, tailor-made to suit your specific requirements. Our extensive catalogue offers physical security products for all types of business premises, with a wide range of LPCB and Secured by Design accredited options available.

If you would like further help and guidance on how to conduct a full risk assessment of your business premises, you can view our guide on understanding your physical security needs here. Or if you would require any advice, you can contact our team of experts via or call us on 01724 271999.