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Bradbury Group offers an extensive range of personnel, certified, and communal doors. With such a vast range of doorsets available, with a wide variety of options, doors can be tailored to suit individual requirements. However, the choice can be overwhelming, and if you are unsure of the terms, this can make it difficult to know which door is ideal for you. Therefore, we have put together this guide to help you to understand the different certifications available, and to determine which doorset best meets your requirements.



p8734img XLThe Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has been working with industry and government for more than 100 years, to set the standards needed to ensure that security products and services perform effectively. The LPCB offers third-party testing of products, confirming that products meet certain criteria, and providing a certified standard of security. Loss Prevention Standards (LPS) are produced by the LPCB to help ensure that a product or service meets the needs of users. LPS 1175 evaluates the resistance to unauthorised access offered by various physical security products. The standard specifies eight grades of security rating, SR1 to SR8, according to the tools and time likely to be used by a criminal – the higher the security rating, the higher the resistance to attack. For communal access doors, LPS 2081 and PAS 24 evaluate the resistance of physical security products when targeted by intruders using stealth.

Bradbury manufactures security doors with LPCB certification to LPS 1175 SR1 to SR4, and LPCB accredited communal doors.

Secured by DesignSecured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative, combining the principles of 'designing out crime' with physical security. Secured by Design works with the industry and test houses to create high-level security standards, responding to trends in crime, and has given input on a number of key standards. A company is awarded Secured by Design status when it produces security products that demonstrate their effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime through passing standards and tests nominated by the police service. The standards and related tests must demonstrate the product effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime, usually by resistance to physical attack.

Bradbury is a Secured by Design accredited company, manufacturing a range of approved doors.


CERTIFIREDH logo 3 is an independent third party certification scheme that assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of fire protection products. Recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide, it is an internationally respected mark of fire safety and one of the most authoritative in the industry. Choosing a product that carries the mark of a reputable third-party certification body gives assurances as to the performance of the products. Steel doorset fire ratings range from FD30 to FD360, providing certified fire protection of 30 to 360 minutes. To achieve accreditation, doors are subjected to a furnace test, enduring temperatures of up to 1,100°C. An FD240 fire rating is achieved when a doorset provides protection from fire for over 4 hours.

Bradbury offers a range of CERTIFIRE accredited fire doors with a rating of FD240.


The BSI standard for flood protection products is PAS 1188-1:2014. Flood defence testing involves subjecting doors to simulated floods at different depths and currents for various lengths of time. Doors must not allow water to leak through the doorset in order to pass testing.

Bradbury manufactures flood defence doors with a designated maximum water depth of 840mm.


The BSI standard for laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements is BS EN ISO 10140. Acoustic testing involves installing the door within a dividing wall between a sound source room and a receiving room. Sound waves across the full frequency range are produced in the source room. Acoustic testing measures the ability of a door to reduce the transmission of sound. Acoustic test results are expressed as decibels (dB) of sound reduction i.e. by how much the product reduces the transmission of sound between rooms. Doors are given an Rw rating, which corresponds to the decibel scale; a door with an Rw42 rating indicates a noise reduction of 42dB.

Bradbury offers acoustic doors with ratings from Rw28 to Rw42.



M2M bStrong, lightweight and durable, Bradbury's M2M+ range provides an extensive series of general purpose doorsets. Suitable for a variety of applications, M2M+ doors are ideal for factories and warehouses, the utility sector, commercial offices and retail stores. The M2M+ range includes single, leaf and half and double, inward or outward opening doorsets, with optional fixed or removable side and over panels. M2M+ doors are fitted with Bradbury's patented adjuster system, making light work of installation with a fast-fit frame. With a wide range of locking options, hardware, louvres and vision panels available, M2M+ doors are ideal for personnel, fire exit, and substation applications. The M2M+ range also includes fire rated and acoustic doors; available with CERTIFIRE accreditation to FD240, and an acoustic rating between Rw28 and Rw40, depending on specification. For configurations that fall outside of the standard specification, Specialist doorsets are available. Bradbury's engineering department can incorporate most non-standard or customer supplied hardware into Specialist doorsets, and can be customised with options such as stainless steel construction, coin access panels, and circular vision panels.


M2M1 a

Bradbury's M2M1 is an outward opening, single door with LPCB certification to LPS 1175 Security Rating 1. SR1 testing replicates an opportunistic attack using physical bodily force and minimal tools, including hexagon wrenches, a cable cutter, and traction screws. M2M1 doors are made to measure, with a range of certified locking options and hardware. Suitable for internal and external use, the M2M1 is able to tolerate high levels of traffic due to its durable design. Combining solutions for security and fire safety, M2M1 doors are also available with an FD240 fire rating, under the CERTIFIRE scheme.


M2M2 aSuitable for perimeter security in medium to high-risk environments, Bradbury's M2M2 doorsets are certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175 SR2, and are Secured by Design accredited. SR2 testing simulates a more determined attack using tools with a higher mechanical advantage, such as a hand drill, junior hacksaw and a claw hammer. M2M2 doors are available as single, double or leaf and a half doorsets, with a large range of hardware, louvres and vision panels. The M2M2 doorset is commonly used in the utilities, water, waste and telecoms sectors, and Secured by Design recommends SR2 doors for commercial applications. In conjunction with certified security, the M2M2 range also includes doorsets with CERTIFIRE accreditation to FD240, and acoustic ratings of Rw40 and Rw42, depending on specification.


M2M3 aA popular choice due to its extensive scope of certified options, the M2M3 is a high-security door, LPCB certified to LPS 1175 Security Rating 3, and Secured by Design accredited. SR3 testing replicates a deliberate forced entry using a wide selection of attack options, including a gas torch, scissor jack, and a pad saw. Available with a wide range of certified hardware and locking options, louvres, and vision panels, each M2M3 door is tailored to individual requirements. M2M3 doors are available as inward or outward opening, single, leaf and a half and double doorsets, with optional fixed or removable over panels, and fixed side panels. M2M3 doors are ideal for airports, the utilities sector, infrastructure projects, and high-value retail outlets. For applications requiring both high security and fire resistance, a range of M2M3 doors are also available with FD240 CERTIFIRE accreditation.


M2M4 aOffering Bradbury's highest level of LPCB certification, M2M4 doors are certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175 Security Rating 4, and Secured by Design accredited. SR4 testing simulates experienced attempts of forced entry using heavy duty tools, such as a disc grinder, jigsaw, and a sledgehammer. M2M4 is a prevalent choice with customers requiring stringent physical security measures due to its extensive testing. Common applications of M2M4 doors include government and defence buildings, and the financial services sector. The M2M4 range includes inward and outward opening, single, leaf and a half, and double doorsets, with optional fixed side and over panels. Available with a large selection of hardware and locking options, louvres and certified vision panels, the M2M4 doorsets can be specifically designed to individual requirements. M2M4 doors are also available with the added benefit of an FD240 fire rating, under the CERTIFIRE scheme.


DSC 6852 3All of the above doorsets are available with the added benefit of CERTIFIRE accreditation to FD240, forming the M2MFD range of fire rated doors. Combining certified security and fire safety, M2M1FD, M2M2FD, M2M3FD and M2M4FD doors are LPCB accredited to LPS 1175 SR1 – SR4, to suit a variety of applications and security requirements. Whereas, M2M+FD and SpecialistFD doorsets are ideal for applications where fire safety is the primary concern, and security is not an issue. M2M+FD doors are also available with an acoustic rating of Rw34 for single doors, and Rw35 for double doors.


M2MSUBThe M2MSUB range of substation and ventilated doors was developed specifically for the utilities sector. Bradbury has been supplying M2MSUB doors to the UK's leading utility providers for over 20 years. The M2MSUB range effectively provides secure protection against unauthorised access, for remote locations where vandalism and unlawful attempts at entry are anticipated. Each M2MSUB door is bespoke engineered to order, with optional LPCB certification to LPS 1174 SR1 – SR4, and a variety of locking options and louvres available.

M2MSUB bM2MSUB doors are available as single, double or leaf and a half doorsets, with fixed or removable side and over panels. The M2MSUB range includes many features ideal for substation doors, including earthing points, padlockable lock covers, limit stays, hinged over panels, louvred panels, and cable ports.


M2MFL cBradbury's M2MFL range of flood defence doorsets was successfully tested to PAS 1188-1:2014 with a designated maximum water depth of 840mm. To achieve this, doors were subjected to an 8 day programme, which includes testing the doors at full water level for 48 hours. With optional LPCB certification to LPS 1175 SR2 – SR4, the range comprises of M2M+FL, M2M2FL, M2M3FL, and M2M4FL. Designed with the utilities sector in mind, M2MFL doors are ideal for unmanned, remote areas that are at risk of flooding. M2MFL doors are available as single or double, outward opening doorsets, with a variety of access options and over panels. Louvres and vision panels are available above flood level, and an independently locked escape hatch is also available to allow egress during a flood scenario, without compromising the integrity of the doorset.


The M2MAC range offers single and double, outward and inward opening doorsets with a variety of acoustic ratings. Bradbury's M2MAC doors were successfully tested at Lorient's state-of-the-art acoustic transmission suite to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 10140, the BSI standard for laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements. M2M+AC doors have an acoustic rating between Rw28 and Rw40, depending on specification, with an optional CERTIFIRE fire rating of FD240. Combining solutions for security and acoustic requirements, M2M2AC doorsets are LPCB accredited to LPS 1175 SR2, with acoustic ratings of Rw40 on single doors, and Rw42 on double doors.

M2M+ Capital45

Capital aA prevalent choice for use in commercial, education, retail and healthcare sectors, Martin Roberts' M2M+ Capital45 is a premium fire rated acoustic door. M2M+ Capital45 doors are CERTIFIRE accredited to FD120, and have an acoustic rating between Rw 26 and Rw 33, depending on specification. Acoustic testing for the M2M+ Capital45 was carried out by Exova BM Trada. Available with an extensive range of hardware, vision panels, louvres and panels, each door set is bespoke manufactured to suit individual specifications. With a wide choice of colours and finishes, the M2M+ Capital45 can be manufactured as single and double, hinged or pivoted doorsets. Specifically designed to withstand high-frequency use, M2M+ Capital45 doorsets are built to endure substantial daily use, making them ideal for busy communal areas, such as train stations, hotels, and retail centres.


Doors 043 edited 3Constructed from reinforced aluminium and stainless steel, ClassicAL doors provide superior strength, and have a contemporary design. Using lightweight robust materials means the ClassicAL weighs up to 60% less than steel counter products, making them easier to install and operate. Bespoke manufactured in Bradbury's shortest lead time for communal doors, ClassicAL is available in 15 different design configurations, with solid and glazed infills, including a fully glazed option. The ClassicAL is available as a single or double doorset, with optional side, over, and individual panels. ClassicAL provides enhanced corrosion resistance when compared to steel doors, and is supplied with a 10-year anti-rust warranty, as standard. Designed to meet rigorous requirements, ClassicAL is extremely durable, with Secured by Design accreditation, and LPCB certification to LPS 2081 Security Rating B. Security rating B testing simulates an opportunistic attack by a combination of bodily physical force and stealth, using tools that are fairly easy to conceal about the person, such as a bolt cutter, multiple slip joint pliers, and pipe wrench.


2010 Haley Style Grey edited 3In recognition of the need for attractive entranceways that withstand heavy use and vandalism, Classic2 communal doors have been designed to combine appearance, durability and value. Combining traditional features with a number of new design elements to produce the ultimate steel communal door, the Classic2 is the best-performing, most cost-effective door of its class. Supplied with 5-year anti-rust and manufacturer's warranties, the Classic2 is weather tested, and tested to withstand 100,000 operational cycles. Classic2 communal doors are Secured by Design accredited, and successfully tested by the LPCB to PAS 24. Classic2 communal doors are available in 17 different design configurations, with glazed and solid side and over panels available to fill larger openings, and individual panels are also available. The Classic2 is easy to install, with a patented auto-aligning mounting system, and has a lightweight operation that is compliant with the opening forces requirement of BS8300.


Doors 034 edited 2The Classic2S is constructed from stainless steel, giving all the advantages of the Classic2 with enhanced corrosion resistance and robustness, making Classic2S communal doors particularly ideal for coastal locations. With 17 different design configurations, the Classic2S is visually identical to Classic2 communal doors, so they can be used in conjunction to meet differing levels of risk. Classic2S communal doors are fitted with high-quality stainless steel mag locks with surge protection, and supplied with a 10-year anti-rust warranty.


2011 EVB MANUAL CRICKLEWOOD LONDON 27th June. 3 edited 2Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, EVB2 controlled access doors offer superior security. EVB2 is a premium communal door, that is both attractive and secure, with a lightweight operation that is compliant with the opening forces requirement of BS8300. The stainless steel construction of the EVB2 ensures significant corrosion resistance. EVB2 is available in 17 different design configurations, with glazed and solid infills, and optional side and over panels.

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