The utility sector is vast and covers a wide variety of categories, including gas, water and power. Due to this, significant infrastructures are required to contain powerful equipment needed for the necessary requirement, ranging from huge national grids right down to the small stand-alone buildings situated near housing estates.

With the utility sector continuously changing and growing at a rapid pace, it faces the challenges of climate change, population growth and affordability, but why should security be one of them?

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Supplying substation doors to the UK’s leading utility providers for more than 20 years, Bradbury Group understands that security is of paramount importance when protecting infrastructures. That is why we custom-make products to suit individual requirements and are designed, tested and certified to protect the most challenging internal and external applications.

Designed to be installed at remote sites where there is a high expectation of vandalism, our M2MSUB doorsets are secure and have been engineered to last. For locations where security is a notable issue, the substation range is also available with LPCB certification to LPS 1175 SR1, SR2, SR3 and SR4 respectively, and with optional CERTIFIRE accreditation to FD240 dependant on specification.

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Key features of this range include options that have been developed specifically to suit the utilities sector;

  • Cable Port – Cable ports can be integrated into substation doorsets to allow the passing of cables through the door itself without compromising on security. Cables ports can also be integrated into bladed louvres and louvred panels for added convenience.

  • Vermin Protection – Small louvred slots on the front and back of the  door help to prevent the entry of small animals

  • Air Flow – Ventilation can be provided through both punched and bladed louvre panels that are LPCB certified to LPS 1175 SR3. Available as solid, half, top & bottom inserted or fully louvred, it can be configured to suit your requirements

  • Padlockable Lock Cover – For unmanned locations, lock covers are ideal for providing an increased visual and physical deterrent against lock damage and unauthorised access

  • Hinged Over Panels – Certified by the LPCB for use with M2MSUB doorsets, hinged over panels can be independently opened and closed from the inside to allow large objects to move through the doorway

  • Anti-Vandal – An anti-jemmy strip and high security solid steel dog bolts provide protection for the locking system to deter unauthorised access. An optional locking bar is also available to protect external locking  

  • Limit Stays – A range of standard door closers and limit stays are available, dependant on the chosen specification

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To find out more about our M2MSUB doorsets, you can download our brochure here. Or alternatively if you would like to contact a member of our dedicated customer service team to discuss the best option for your site, then you can email us at or call on +44 (0)1724 271999.