Make the right choice for your door purchase, and you’ll be investing in the best security and reassurance.

Protection is key in any industry – when your security lets you down, the disruption to business can cause unrecoverable havoc. Here at Bradbury we have a reputation for steel doors that’s simply unmatchable – boasting the largest door production facilities within the UK and with a series of awards to our name, our doors have extensive certification which verifies their rigorous testing and attention to detail.


Bradbury commit to providing bespoke, tailor-made solutions for our clients, working together to find the most appropriate door design and size. With an unrivalled amount of options and solutions on offer, our team work tirelessly to bring our very own doors to our customers. 

With such a diverse range of sectors, as valued clients (including those in utilities, the military and emergency services, building contractors, retailers, education, health and the public sector) we know that your steel door requirements will be unique to you. For an overview of our quality systems, read on…

Steel Personnel Doors

M2M+/M2MLPS 1175 SR1 Doors

This is Bradbury’s best-selling door, and perhaps more tellingly, Britain’s best-selling door of its class. Stronger than comparable doors produced by competitors, the M2M+ is suitable for a wide variety of industrial uses and is sometimes deployed for domestic purposes. It’s the go-to for value-for-money and quick installation, whilst maintaining hidden strength through its cleverly designed chassis system. It’s an affordable solution for your peace of mind. 

Each door is made to measure on order, and we can turn orders around fast to meet with tight time schedules… What’s more, trade customers can now benefit from online drawings, quotes and fast-track ordering.

M2M2 LPS 1175 SR2 Doors

Another recent addition to the LPCB LPS 1175 range is the M2M2. This door is tested to a slightly lower level of testing than the LPS 1175 SR3 door, but adhering fully to a standard of security that's superior to other popular steel doors on the market. This appeals to many Bradbury clients as a cost-effective option – where ultimate security can still be achieved, with less of a burden of cost.  

M2M3 LPS 1175 SR3 Doors

As Bradbury’s flagship door, the M2M3 provides unbeatable security that's certified to LPCB LPS 1175 Security Rating 3 with the option of a 240 minute CERTIFIRE fire rating. These doors will undoubtedly reduce the risk of break-ins; having under-gone Level 3 testing, they’re proven to withstand deliberate forced methods of entry available to intruders. The M2M3 range offers the largest scope and hardware possibilities of its kind to have achieved the much sought-after LPS 1175 Level 3 security rating. And with all of this, there’s usually only a 15-day turnaround upon order. 

It’s good to talk… We understand that any financial outlay for your business needs careful research and consideration, so please feel free to contact our Sales team who will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your security. They can be contacted via or 01724 271999.