100 Off Your Next Order

Picture this; you’ve just installed a bespoke-engineered Bradbury Group product on site, it looks fantastic, and it fits your client’s brief perfectly, but what now?

Why not enter your installation into our monthly #ItsABradbury competition for your chance to win £100 off your next order?

All you need to do to take part is share an image (or as many images you like) of an installed Bradbury Group product. Let us know what the product is, where it was installed, and who the end client is. It’s great for us to see transformations, so we’d love to see any before and after photos!

Installations Photo Collage

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to be in with the chance of winning our monthly #ItsABradbury competition! Simply use these tips and tricks to take the perfect image of your installation, and boost your chances of receiving £100 off your next order:

  • Consider checking for reflections, especially if the product contains any glazing
  • Keep a steady hand when shooting to avoid taking a blurry photo
  • Ensure the lens is clear of any dirt
  • Clear the area of any clutter or tools for a clean and unobstructed view of the product
  • Ensure that the product is the main focus of the photo; try to keep it straight and central within the shot
  • If the product has any significant features or hardware, consider experimenting with different angles for interesting shots
  • Avoid any photo filters or editing – the image can be edited at a later stage
  • Check the final photo to ensure it is in focus and is of good quality

To enter, simply share your images of installed Bradbury Group products on Twitter with the #ItsABradbury hashtag. Alternatively, you can email your photos to marketing@bradburyuk.com with #ItsABradbury as the subject line. Remember to include details on the product, location and client.

Follow Bradbury Group on Twitter to see entries to the competition, and to keep up to date with company news. If you’d like a copy of our photography guidelines to use on the go or to give to your installation team, you can download them below.