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A Guide To School Security & Safety

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In order for your staff to do their best work and ensure that your pupils have an enjoyable and rewarding education, you need to ensure your school premises are secure. Of course, most of your buildings will contain pricey but invaluable equipment that’s difficult to replace, so you must ensure everything is secure while your

Fire Door Buying Guide: Regulations, Requirements & Your Responsibilities

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From March 2018 to March 2019, the UK’s fire and rescue service attended 182,825 fires, 29,570 of which affected dwellings. And, there were 253 fire-related fatalities recorded in the same period (Home Office [PDF]), so it’s clear more safety precautions need to be taken to reduce how quickly fires can spread, as well as limit

How We Manufacture a Steel Door

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Bradbury Group’s Technical Director, Paul Sweeting, takes us on a behind the scenes tour of our factory in Scunthorpe to explain the process of manufacturing our steel doors. [embedyt][/embedyt]

Accreditation Matrix

steel security doors, steel doors, steel door manufacturer

We have created an accreditation matrix for all products by the Group. This includes all doors, grilles, and bar sets, to show what accreditations our products are certified to or are available with. We have also included some of the options and features, that we are most commonly questioned about. Click the image below to open

Guide to Steel, Certified & Communal Doors

security bar sets, security kiosks, security rated doors

Bradbury Group offers an extensive range of steel, certified, and communal doors. With such a vast range of doorsets available, with a wide variety of options, doors can be tailored to suit individual requirements. However, the choice can be overwhelming, and if you are unsure of the terms, this can make it difficult to know

Guide to Grilles, Cages & Bar Sets

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Bradbury Group offers an extensive collection of grilles, cages and bar sets, which are all high-quality, reliable and cost-effective, and can be tailored to meet your personal requirements. Suitable for domestic, commercial and public properties, our high specification range of security products are both a physical and visual deterrent against attack. Dependent on the level