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Fire Door Safety Week 2019

24th September 2019

2019’s Fire Door Safety Week runs from 23rd September to 30th September.

Fire Door Safety Week was launched as a response to fire door neglect. Every year, throughout this week, many industries come together to promote the safety that fire doors provide. Further main highlights of this cause are to raise awareness in the role that fire doors play, as well as educating consumers on the practices they should be following to properly maintain the doors.

The focus for 2019 is the role that fires play in protecting us when we are asleep as this is the point when we are most vulnerable. In the occasion a fire should occur, the job of a fire door is to delay the spread of fire and smoke allowing time to save lives. This applies to every commercial, public and multiple occupancy building.

Here at Bradbury Group, we have shown continuous support each year to help promote the importance of fire doors and to contribute in raising awareness. Being the nation’s leading physical security solutions company, we offer a range of high-quality steel doors that are available with third-party accreditations, including security, fire and acoustic ratings.

Our M2MFD range offers fire doors which are tested by the widely recognised certification board, Exova. In order to achieve their CERTIFIRE accreditation, the doors undergo a furnace test to determine how long they can withstand temperatures of up to 1100oC. This then determines the fire integrity of the doorset. For example, a door that holds back the flames for more than four hours, achieves an FD240 accreditation.

If you require more information on fire door testing, regulations and requirements, read our recent fire door buying guide to understand your responsibilities and the options available.

Fire door safety doesn’t stop once the door is installed, the maintenance of these doors is a critical element in fire safety regulations to ensure they work effectively if a fire were to occur. It is vital fire doors are not propped open or left damaged, and they should be checked regularly using the ‘5 Step Check’. This is continuously re-iterated each year to highlight the significance of the checks, and we have illustrated these in our infographic to the right. Read our fire door maintenance guide for a more detailed explanation on the importance of fire doors and how to properly maintain them.


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