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Grilles & Cages

The range of security grilles from Bradbury Group includes anything from an economic grille which provides an effective visual deterrent to the world’s strongest grille which is certified to withstand attack. Our collection offers physical security products at competitive prices and, as Bradbury Group is the UK’s leading manufacturer of grilles and cages, you can guarantee we’ll have a solution for you.


CX1 is an affordable diamond lattice security grille, specifically designed with appearance and safety in mind.


Our best-selling grille, the CX2 is an attractive curved lattice security grille.


Providing a high level of security for windows and doors.


Our Eclipse is the strongest security grille on the market.

More About Our Grilles & Cages

Our selection of window and door security grilles offers options suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, including LPCB certified grilles which are fit for purpose. The range includes plenty of models, which can all be fitted to windows and doors to act as both a visual and physical deterrent. All of our grilles are available as retractable security grilles which can be stacked back for access or during hours of occupation.

There are also several security cage options available, which can be constructed to form anything from a small safe box to a large room. Commonly installed in data centres for the protection of IT equipment, these cages are designed to protect valuable assets and stock.

If you’re looking for other security solutions for your building, we also manufacture a range of communal, certified and steel doors which are made bespoke to your requirements.

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Our M2M4 #SecurityDoors offer our highest level of defence against forced entry attacks and can be configured as personnel, fire exit and substation doors. Enquire about the M2M4 by calling 01724 271999 or emailing