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Bradbury Group offers a range of services and security solutions designed to provide you with peace of mind, and to ensure your buildings and possessions have the greatest physical protection. Each of our services can be tailored to your requirements, and we have an extensive range of experts in our team at Bradbury Group so we can advise and deliver the ideal physical security solutions for you.

Full turn-key solution

Bradbury Group offers a comprehensive service, including a complete package solution from survey and design, to delivery and installation.

Handcrafted by our team

Our products are all bespoke-engineered in-house, allowing us to offer a wide range of physical security solutions, which are tailored to varying requirements.

Bradbury Group has several experienced engineering departments, and state-of-the-art production facilities, which also allow us to develop, design and manufacture bespoke solutions.

Innovation-led approach

As leading experts in the physical security industry, we are constantly coming up with innovative solutions and products to suit changing and unique customer requirements.

Global reach

With a dedicated export team, we are also able to offer an international delivery service, as well as overseas installation.

Flagship solution

Our subsidiary Martin Roberts has expertise in project management and large-scale projects, with 40 years of experience in planning, executing and managing the supply and installation of doorsets within the UK’s most prestigious infrastructure projects.

For more information about our innovative services and solutions, get in touch with our sales team today.

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