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Guide to Grilles, Cages & Bar Sets

Bradbury Group offers an extensive collection of grilles, cages and bar sets, which are all high-quality, reliable and cost-effective, and can be tailored to meet your personal requirements. Suitable for domestic, commercial and public properties, our high specification range of security products are both a physical and visual deterrent against attack. Dependent on the level of security required, we offer a selection of grilles, cages and bar sets with a variety of certification options to suit all applications and differing levels of perceived risk. This guide summarises the different types of certification available, and gives you an overview of the Bradbury Group’s range of grilles, cages and bar sets, in order to help you to determine the ideal product to secure your property.



The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) offers third-party testing of products, confirming that products meet certain criteria, and providing a certified standard of security. LPS 1175 evaluates the resistance to unauthorised access offered by various physical security products. The standard specifies eight grades of Security Rating according to the tools and time likely to be used by a criminal; the higher the rating, the stronger the resistance to attack. Should you require LPCB accreditation, Bradbury Group offers a range of grilles, cages and bar sets certified to LPS 1175 SR1 to SR3.

Secured by Design

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative, combining the principles of ‘designing out crime,’ with physical security. Secured by Design status is restricted to companies or products that have been successfully tested to the high standards set by Secured by Design, and meet the Police Preferred Specification. A variety of Bradbury grilles are approved by the Secured by Design initiative.



All grilles have a steel and aluminium construction and have a fully retractable design. They are custom built to fit any opening, including doorways, windows and storefronts, or can be used as partitions.

Extendor’s CX1 is an affordable retractable security grille, particularly suitable when certification is not required. Our CX1’s provide a strong physical barrier for protection of windows and doors, and are an effective visual deterrent against attacks. CX1’s are suitable for the protection of commercial and domestic properties and have been installed successfully on a wide range of premises including industrial units, shops and homes.

Extendor’s best-selling grille for commercial and domestic applications, CX2 is an LPS 1175 SR1 certified retractable grille for the protection of windows and doors. Secured by Design accredited, the CX2 is the first choice when an insurance rated grille is required. Characterised by its attractive curved lattice, the CX2 provides peace of mind, whether that be at home or at work.

A popular choice of grille suitable for all but the highest security requirements, the Elite is approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers ‘Secured by Design’ initiative. The grille offers proven resistance to hacksaws and electric drills and includes multi-point locking and stainless steel shoot bolts as standard.

Providing a high level of security for windows and doors, the Vulcan retractable security grille is certified to LPS 1175 SR2 and is a Secured by Design ‘Police Preferred Specification.’ As such, these grilles are insurance approved and have been successfully bomb blast tested in conjunction with glass backed anti-shatter security film.

The only grille worldwide to hold LPS 1175 SR3 certification, Eclipse is the strongest and most robust retractable grille on the market. Eclipse is approved through the Secured by Design police initiative, and has been successfully bomb blast tested.


Extendor cages provide enhanced protection within a restricted or shared area. Available in a wide range of sizes – from small safe boxes to entire rooms, common applications include security for IT equipment and valuables, as well as safeguarding restricted areas within laboratories, warehouses and retail premises. Extendor cages are available without LPCB certification, or certified to SR2 or SR3.

Bar Sets

Spartan2 and Spartan3 are high-security bar sets. The modular design means they can be engineered to secure almost any opening, and present an effective visual deterrent against attack, vandalism and burglaries. Spartan bar sets are available reveal or face fixed, and are assessed for certified installation directly into brickwork, concrete or steel.

Spartan2 is a ø20mm bar set contained within 3mm thk angle outer frame, certified to LPS 1175 SR2.

Spartan3 is a ø25mm bar set contained within 5mm thk angle outer frame, certified to LPS 1175 SR3.

Unrated anti-burglar bars are also available, constructed from horizontal or vertical 20mm solid steel round bars, which rotate 360 degrees. These bars sit in 38mm x 38mm box section, and can be reveal or face fitted.

We hope this guide helped to direct you to the right security option for your property. If you’re interested in any of our security grilles, cages or bar sets, feel free to give our customer service team a call on +44 (0)1724 271999 or email us at Alternatively, complete our contact form below and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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